Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes right now we only support Slack however we are developing connections with Intercom, Microsoft Teams and Discord. Feel free to email to register your interest.

Great question! We absolutely do not store the messages. The content of the message arrives to ChatPulse via Webhooks, we process them and then delete the data. We only store the analysis of the messages.

It sure is! We’re passionate about improving team communication and this is our way of giving your team the basics to improve.

We’re sure you’ll love it and hope that you upgrade at some point but it’s fine if you don’t.

On the last day of your subscription we count the number users that have sent messages during the subscription period. This way only users that are actively sending messages in Slack will be charged for.

Organisations that use Slack know that it’s an essential communication tool. In the age of remote or hybrid work more and more communication is via tools like Slack. 

Mental health, employee engagement and employee happiness are essential to well functioning company. 

How it works